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The Best Guns & Gear In Guns of Boom

You are very dependant on your equipment in Guns of Boom and without the best equipment you won’t stand any chance in the long run – so I decided to write this article here to give you the best advice what guns and gear you should get (and save your Gunbucks and Gold for), no matter if you are F2P or buying some Gold once in a while.

What Is The Best Weapon Type In Guns Of Boom?

There are four types of weapons – Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, Shotguns & Sniper Rifles.

So, many times people ask on which one they should focus primarily – well the answer is getting easy when I give you the following. Each type of weapon is working best in certain situations, Assault Riffles when you run around outside and have some space and need the precision, Shotguns inside smaller areas where you get close to your enemies, Sniper Rifles if you are in a large distance and Machine Guns when working on larger loads of enemies.

So, every weapon type has pitfalls that make them unsuitable in certain situations:

  • Machine Guns will only work when you can stand at a point and is hard to use when walking around
  • Shotguns will be bad when you’re not close to the enemy
  • Sniper Rifles are bad when the enemy spots you and can adapt
  • Assault Rifles don’t deal that much damage so you need to be agile

So, the answer is that you probably need at least two of them, depending on how you like to play Guns of Boom! Every map has all the areas you need to play in the style you like, so adapt it to your habits.

This means, if you like to run around a lot you should preferably focus on assault rifles and shotguns (and switch them depending on if you’re inside a building or outside), if you like to be more static, go for the machine guns and the sniper rifles first – it’s up to you in Guns of Boom 🙂

The Best Weapons & Gear In Guns Of Boom

Here I will give you the best options you have including a one to buy for Gunbucks (if you’re F2P) and also the ones that will cost you Gold (no worries, some are also affordable for little Gold so you can also get them as F2P) in Guns of Boom.

Best Assault Rifle

assault rifle in guns of boomGo for the Vampire! It has the best accuracy (you’ll appreciate it) along with the highest damage. I know that spending 45,200 Gunbucks for it is a lot, especially in the beginning, but rather use your current weapon a little longer than buying a cheaper one (like Sting or Slicer) and spend a lot of Gunbucks upgrading it just to come to the point where you finally buy the Vampire and wasted a lot of it for a gun you won’t use any further.

Best Shotgun

best shotgun in guns of boomTake the Storm shotgun! It has a little less damage than the Onslaught but triple time the accuracy and a great magazine size of 12 shots that is extremely helpful in close-up battles where you can use the reloading break of your enemy to take him down.

The insane damage paired with the high accuracy is the most important when it comes to shotguns in Guns of Boom!

Best Machine Gun

best machine gun in guns of boom

When it comes to Machine Guns in Guns of Boom, you don’t need to pay too much attention on the accuracy as they fire so much that enough bullets will find their target – your best option is the Hurricane as it has one of the highest damage parameters and quite an affordable price when you look at the stats that you get for your Gunbucks.

Best Sniper Rifle

best sniper in guns of boomThe Punisher is best here with a high accuracy and very large range plus it’s cheaper than the Manticore that offers a lot lower accuracy and the best about it is that it costs only half of what the Manticore costs.

You don’t have many shots you can fire, so you will appreciate the high accuracy compared to other sniper rifles so a hit will be as vertile as possible to your opponents healt meter 🙂

Best Pants

best pants in guns of boomThe Panther Pants cost 158 Gold and give you a 20% speed bonus and is used by players at the top at the leaderboards – that’s an amount you definitely should save up before paying for any other pants and then you’re settled with the pants for every level in Guns of Boom 🙂

Best Torso

Here you can simply go for the highest hitpoints that you can get 🙂

Best Helmet

best helmet in guns of boom

There are plenty of options you can select from and they can have multiple different special abilities, from slowly regaining you hitpoints below 20%, adding extra armor against headshots (which I do not recommend as 80% of all damage will be dealt against your torse, see above) and much more.

The best option is, in my opinion, the Fumigator that will restore 25% of your health after every kill – so you won’t make the damage you suffer a little less – which won’t help looking at most situations – but will give you a nice boost for every enemy you can take out.

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