sniper 3d pvp tips and map

Sniper 3D PvP Tips & Map Locations

Playing Sniper 3D is fun, but the most fun is playing versus human opponents in PvP matches.

I’ve played a lot of them and want to share my startegies with you as well as a map that will show you all possible locations of targets so you don’t miss one of your opponents 🙂

Best Tips To Win PvP In Sniper 3D

So here are some tips that you will really find helpful.

sniper 3d pvp first place

Don’t Defend

You’re playing against multiple other players and chances are high that they will spot you sooner or later and start hitting you – so the normal reaction would be to find the attacker and take him out before he can take you out, right?


In Sniper 3D PvP you need to ignore that and try to take any other target out as fast as possible – if you do stop and try to actually locate the attacker you’re probably dead before you can even find him. And even if you would find him, there’s no way you can take him out before you get killed because you already lost too much health and won’t deal enough damage in time (enemies have about the same stats as you have.)

sniper 3d pvp tip ignore damage

So the best thing is to actually try to ignore that and take out the target you are focusing on right now, even if that sounds pretty unnatural at first.

Also, chances are not that small that any other player will take out the player that attacks you before he can kill you 😉

Don’t Zoom While Turning

If you are turning your view to find the next target, don’t use any zoom! Zoom will make you turn very slow and also maybe miss a target so only zoom to check a location closer or if you spotted an enemy.

You can also use the time turning to reload your weapon 🙂

Target Locations In PvP

Always systematically scan the map.

This means you should not go into one direction and in a nother direction after that – either decide if you want to go left or right and then stick to it.

The reason is simple… if you go left and take out one target and then go left again for another target, there’s no use to go right again because you have taken down a target there and the chances that another player respawned there are much lower than you spotting another target when keeping to go left 🙂

Now here are my favorite locations that I always like to check and normally you always find one target here:

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