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Sniper 3D Life Hacks That REALLY Work

Undoubtfully, Sniper 3D is the most successful and played first-person sniper game on mobile and with the PvP mode and the Arena mode millions of people play it in real-time against each other – I think that this is no surprise that so many players want to improve in Sniper 3D to climb to the top.

I was searching around and did find several cool life hacks for Sniper 3D that can make your life a lot easier and this is what you will find here in this article.

Info! In case you wonder why some are referring to “Sniper 3D Assassin” and others to “Sniper 3D Gun Shooter” – the answer is simple, it’s the exact same game but has different names 🙂 The first one is the iOS version for Apple devices and the second is used on Google Play for Android – so let’s just call it Sniper 3D for everyone (you’re competing against each other anyway in the same player pool 🙂

Back to topic… in this article you find all the hacks needed to beat the Arena and to max out your weapon & gear.

Life Hacks in Sniper 3D

After playing Sniper 3D for a while, you might come to the point where you think that you can’t progress any further and might think “I can’t win here without spending real money on Diamonds” – WRONG! With the right techniques and some patience, you can still climb to the top ladder.

Life Hack #1 – Online Generators & Hack Tools

Let’s talk about the generators first, you might have already seen one of them, that let you enter the number of Diamonds & Coins and then they will require you to end up some surveys or download a free app.

They come along in lots of different designs but all of them work pretty much in the same way – they dont’t as they are not able to access the servers, so do not waste your time with them.

Life Hack #2 – Finding Opponents in PvP & The Arena Hack

Multiplayer is, without a doubt, the most exciting part of Sniper 3D and it not only comes down to the best gear or weapons, it comes down to finding your opponent(s) faster than they spot you.

target finder sniper 3d

So, the best helper you have there is the target indication at the bottom of your zoom that indicates if your opponent is near or far away. You can only see that when you zoom, so always make very fast zooms in areas of the map (takes less than a second) and only zoom in closer if the indicator will show you that your target is near! DO NOT zoom in and search the map inch-by-inch, this is far too slow and you need to be very lucky to hit the right area (and most of the times you’re not)

This will save you a lot of precious time and give you a head lead on your opponent that will very likely give you the victory 🙂

Life Hack #3 – Upgrading The Right Way in Sniper 3D

When it comes to upgrading there are a lot of different theories out there, like “upgrade weapon first, gears don’t matter if you kill your opponent before he can kill you”… all wrong! If that would be true, the damage of your weapon needs to be DOUBLE as high so you can save yourself a second shot – you see how ridiculous this is.

What you need to do is keeping your gear and weapon at the same level and don’t focus on one and when it comes to weapon upgrades, all the stats matter and not only damage, range and stability – a reload less or a faster reload is as much important.

In general, you can really follow the upgrade recommendation you see in the upgrade menu 🙂

Life (Not) Hack #4 – Do NOT Manipulate Your Device Time For Free Energy

I know that many play around with their devices clock in order to get a free Energy refill, but this can really mess up the game and end up with no more Energy refilling at all and you’re running around with a phone that shows the wrong time – simply not worth it, right?

Life Hack #5 – Don’t fall for the “PREMIUM” Subscription

In various spots Sniper 3D will offer you their Premium Subscription that will basically give you a little more Coins when finishing a mission and also access to a few additional guns (that are still not for free!)

In multiple spots Sniper 3D offers you a 7-day trial for the Premium Subscription that you very likely will activate! Now you need to notice that after that 7 days you will get charged $4.99 via your Google Wallet or iTunes when you don’t cancel your subscription there!!! Do that, it’s not a good deal!

Life Hack #6 Piggy Bank Cheap Diamonds

By completing primary missions, you can stockpile Diamonds in your Piggy Bank that you can only open if you pay the $2.99 for it – in some cases a good deal considering the same Diamonds will cost like three times as much in the shop for the regular price. Just don’t think you only have to pay it once and you an from there on open the piggy bank for free every time, it will always cost the $2.99.

Life Hack #7 – Get Free Diamonds From The Ads

Inside the in-game shop, you will see a button appear that tells you that you can get some free Diamonds if you watch a 30-second long ad clip. Do that and you will get a steady Diamond income every day (as you can watch them a couple of times every day, depending on the country you’re living in).

Simply make it your habit to check in every time you play and use it as long as no more ads are shown and you will get enough free Diamonds for a nice weapon after a while.

Life Hack #8 – Level Up & Facebook Connect For Free Diamonds

If you connect Facebook so you see your friends in the game you will get 5 Diamonds and every Level Up will give you 1 Diamond – those are two things that I don’t want to recommend specifically as you level up on your own and there’s no way to level up on purpose plus it takes pretty long later and you will get, no matter what level you reach, always only 1 Diamond 🙁


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