sniper 3d walkthrough all missions

Sniper 3D All Missions Walkthrough

Are you stuck in any mission in Sniper 3D?

Well, some missions are pretty straightforward and don’t require much tactic rather than hitting in the right moment – however, there are other missions that can be quite frustrating because you need take out your target in a certain order and when they are in a certain place.

I thought it will be helpful for you if I give you the perfect way to solve any mission in Sniper 3D in this guide here that you can come back to if you have problems with a certain mission 🙂

So, without any further do let’s jump right into it 🙂


If you have problems aiming, please refer to my aiming guide for Sniper 3D here

Chapter 1 – Tonka Bay

Pretty easy actually, if you still want me to do this here please let me know in the comments 🙂

Chapter 2 – Porter Heights

Mission 1 – Long Distance

This mission forces you to take out an enemy on the rooftop that is further away than your gun will actually fire. It’s not impossible though, just take as many shots as you can and also aim a little over and under the target and you will get your lucky punch.

Mission 2 – Take A Break

Easy mission if you have the gun required – simply aim and shoot the target, there’s no much more about it.

Mission 3 – Dangerous New Trend

The target is on the rooftop next to the antenna. He often walks back so just wait until he comes back to the corner and take him out.

Mission 4 – Prank Call

You’re pretty close and see the 4 targets firing at the police. They have their back turnt on you and you only need to be quick, don’t aim that carefully, this low distance will make you hit easily.

Mission 5 – Conflict Opinions

There’s your target running after two innocent in the middle of the street. Watch the speed and aim carefully and this will be a simple one-shot win.

Mission 6 – Remote Detonation

It’s the guy that walks around the corner and then will use his cell (might look different each time but is always the same person):

sniper 3d assassin - 2-6 - remote detonation

Mission 7 – Last Words

This hostage exchange will go horribly wrong so don’t wait for that to happen – take out the kidnapper that points the gun at the hostage and the mission is finished.

sniper 3d assassin - 2-7 - last words

Mission 8 – Taking The Bait

There are two people walking in, one from the left with the briefcase and one around the corner from the right. Wait until they exchanged the briefcase and your target will walk to the left – during the exchange you barely see them so take your time and wait until they walk away to get a clean shot.

Mission 9 – Change of Plans

The 3 targets will walk around the corner and you can take them out quite easy – once you’ve shot one the other will freeze for a moment, enough for you to take them out. I recommend taking them out left to right because this is the fastest and easiest way.

sniper 3d assassin - 2-9 - change of plans

Mission 10 – Bodyguard

The description sounds harder than it is, there’s only one guy running towards here and you can spot him pretty easily and take him down as well:

sniper 3d assassin - 2-10 - bodyguard

Mission 11 – Into The Croud

Don’t get distracted, it’s not the guy running around, wait for like 5 seconds and the target will walk by slowly with blue headphones (you really can’t miss him) 🙂

Mission 12 – Dealing Drugs

They are next to the bus station – wait until they talk to each otherm then they are ligned up perfectly so you can take both out with one single shot, otherwise the other one will start running and it can be messy to take him out.

Mission 13 – Bomber Man

Don’t make this mission more complicated that it has to be. The bomber will run on teh square and panic will rise, it’s really risky and messy to get the bomber now so wait a second and he will be standing along in the middle of the quare and you can easily get him.

Mission 14 – Ominous Nightmares

This mission requires some strategy but it’s not that hard. First take out the guy on the top roof (1) to the right – no one will notice. Then wait until (2) walks to the left so he’s in front of the wall. That’s a perfect spot to take him out.

sniper 3d assassin - 2-14 - ominous nightmares

Next you should take out the guy in the back (3) – doing this will prevent (4) noticing that you did it and then you can take (4) out easily.

Mission 15 – Uninvited Guest

Pretty straightforward – you need to take out the guy that points a gun at the woman’s head.

Mission 16 – You Can Run…

Take out the 3 running guys. I recommend to wait until they crossed the street and enter the square, this will help not hitting any crossing innocents that might fail the mission.

Mission 17 – Undetactable Death

As soon as the guy will get the briefcase he will start running to the right, be prepared for that you will hit him.

Mission 18 – Wrong Address

All gansters are on the other side of the street and it’s pretty straightforward to take them out.

Mission 19 – Claiming Your Head

Your target is on the rooftop on the right side, you need to wait a little bit until you can see him.

sniper 3d assassin - 2-19 - claiming your head

Mission 20 – Mugging Gone Right

It’s only the third person running so don’t shoot at the second person (that’s the victim, although it looks like that’s another target)

sniper 3d assassin - 2-20 - mugging gone right

Mission 21 – Cooking With Gunpowder

The target is walking on the closest lane from your point, you have actually penty of time until he takes the phone but you can also take him out before he uses his phone.

sniper 3d assassin - 2-21 - cooking with gunpowder

Mission 22 – Drug Mastermind

Your target walks quite fast in the last line of people, making it hard to hit him. Just follow him with and he will make some small stops that will give you a clean shot possibility.

Mission 23 – Old Grudge

Your target is the guy in the white shirt with the tattoos on his arms. He will stand for a short time and that’s the easiest way to take him out.

Mission 24 – Wiretapping Evidence

It’s the three guys coming out there. If you take out the first one the others will freeze for a second so make it fast and easy here before they will start running.

sniper 3d assassin - 2-24 - wiretapping evidence

Mission 25 – Security Can’t Take A Break

The mission sounds like beach and fun, but it’s in a dirty alley… ok but let’s have a look at the mission. Your two targets are the ones meeting first (one with green backpack, the other with blue headphones).

sniper 3d assassin - 2-25 - security can't take a break

If you take out one the other will immediately start running so be prepared for that.

Mission 26 – Sinister Fanaticism

The guy is running from the top direction and you can easily take him out.

Mission 27 – Getaway Driver

You only need to hit the driver in the cab, nothing more. You also have quite some time to aim, actually, because the car will drive down the whole street.

Mission 28 – Homeless Bomber

The target is running between the two buildings, start shooting early because it will get a lot more difficult once he reached the end of the alley.

Mission 29 – Bullseye Precision

This mission doesn’t have the most creative briefing but you need some tactics to solve it without much hussle. I recommend going from top to bottom.

First take out the guy (1) on top of the building and then (2) and (3) on the left building. Now it’s time to take out the closest guy (4) – the other one won’t notice because there’s a wall in between them. After that you can take a clean shot on (5).

sniper 3d assassin - 2-29 - bullseye precision

Mission 30 – Failed Negotiation

The situation is quite obvious, take out the guy with the gun at the woman’s head and aim carefully to complete this mission.

Mission 31 – Not So Cyber Attack

Follow the security officer and he will drop his suitcase at the wall (in a section you can’t view from your position). Now stick to that point (forget about the security officer) and wait until a guy picks it up. Be prepared that this guy will be running.

Mission 32 – Under Fire

The briefing sounds more like you will defend from multiple targets, but after all it’s just one guy on the rooftop that you need to take out, that’s it 🙂

sniper 3d assassin - 2-32 - under fire

Mission 33 – Hot Pursuit

Zoom in and you will see the three targets running after some people – they carry guns so it’s not that crazy difficult to spot them. They also run straight towards you so aiming is quite easy here as well.

Mission 34 – Shot Down In Flames

Your target will walk around the corner of the yellow building right after the start of the mission and you can immediately take him out (tank top, tatoos on arms).

Mission 35 – Stopping Troublemakers

Finnal mission for this chapter! But the mission is nothing special actually. The group of three is at the end of the alley and wears black leather jackets. You can take out one of them and the others will freeze for one or two seconds and you can quickly take them out.

Congratulations, you just finished the 2nd of 4 chapters in Sniper 3D 🙂

Chapter 3 – Jandsburg

Now chapter 3 has some more tricky missions in Sniper 3D, but no worries, you can also do them. If you’re stuck in one mission head back here and see how to solve it.

The new thing here will be that there’s wind now also coming into play, this will need you do adjust, but normally your sniper is enough upgraded by now that it will indicate you what you need to adjust.

sniper 3d wind adjustment

Mission 1 – Kill Or Get Killed

The sniper is on the rooftop and an easy target – no special things here to mind except taking him out 🙂

Mission 2 – Last Chance

A hostage situation like you’ve seen it a few times already. Mind the wind adjustment and take the target out, that’s it.

Mission 3 – Suspicious Activity

Here we need some smart tactic and it will be quite easy. Take out the target (1) on the rooftop first. On the second roof you should wait until target (2) will walk between the two boxes so (3) won’t notice what happened and fire at you.

Now you can take out (3).

Target (4) and (5) require some timing so they aren’t close to each other and you can take them out one by one.

sniper 3d assassin - 3-03 - suspicious activity

Mission 4 – College Cleanup

Your two target will meet in the back alley – wait until they are talking to each other so you can take both down with one signle shot.

Mission 5 – Nighttime

First spot your targets, these are the only two running people. They are running next to each other that makes it more easy.

best tactic is to shoot after one of them, if you hit it’s great and if you miss the other people will start panic but your targets will straight running so you can take them out with clean shots now.

Mission 6 – Laying Low

The sniper is on top of the read building (2nd highest level) – take him out and you’re done here.

Mission 7 – Need Backup!

There are a few targets in front of the police car – all are shooting and no one will notice you. Pretty easy and clean situation to clear.

Mission 8 – Gold Luck

It’s the guy that walks straight towards the guy with the briefcase. You can only see the head and the other parts of his body are covered by the wall so start to fire early in case you miss the first one or two shots. No worries, you can take more than one shot in this mission (I was confused first by the briefing description).

sniper 3d assassin - 3-08 - gold luck

Mission 9 – Taxi Driver

Take out the taxi driver on the road – fire in the region where the driver seat is and this mission will be done easily.

Mission 10 – Night Shooting

Another shootout situation. Don’t get confused that one guy start running when the other one leaves the bank, he will just find anouther position behind the other ones and stay there – take each one out in the order you wan to.

Mission 11 – Self Protection

Again the description makes you think there are multiple targets, but it’s only one and it’s there on the rooftop in the middle

sniper 3d assassin - 3-10 - self protection

Mission 12 – Mobile Boom

Your target will stop in front of the door of the right building and take out his phone – easy target:

sniper 3d assassin - 3-12 - mobile boom

Mission 13 – The Survivors

Unlike other chasing missions your targets are not visible at the beginning – the first one will come around the corner (1) and the second one around the next corner (2) – take them out fast to clear the situation.

sniper 3d assassin - 3-13 - survivors

Mission 14 – Stolen Car

Your target will stop the car right in front of the right wooden door on the other side of the street and get out of the car.

Mission 15 – The Watchdog Guys

This mission can be tricky. Your three targets will get around the corner right after the start. First take out the two bodyguards in their suits and be careful to not take out any innocent.

Big Joe will walk to the left first and then start running, so make sure you do it all quick.

sniper 3d assassin - 3-15 - watchdog guys

Don’t mind if you need to try multiple times, often times an innocent will run straight into your line and you accidentially kill them.

Mission 16 – Drug Point

Another mission where you have both targets have a meeting – here’s the point where they meet:

sniper 3d assassin - 3-16 - drug point

Mission 17 – Last Class

Both of them are running down the street so don’t waste time shooting. You will miss some shots and sometimes hit innocent but that’s just how this mission works, sometimes you need to retry a few times.

Mission 18 – School Invasion

Schoo Invasion is one of the more trickier mission in Sniper 3D and here’s my recommendation how to solve it. I have taken a screenshot where you see the locations the targets should be at the time your take them out:

sniper 3d assassin - 3-18 - drug point

Target (1) and (2) are tricky because you can get easily spotted from them so you want to start with them – if you need to retry because of them you don’t have to run the full mission over and over.

Be quick taking out (2) after taking down (1) or you will get into trouble!

After that take target (3) because he can overlook the area on the inside of the school but is not covered by any other terrorist.

Lastly take out target (4) when Target (5) is at the corner so he won’t notice and wait until target (6) is on the back of the schoolyard to take out number (5) – now only (6) is left and if you made it until here it’s easy to clear.

Mission 19 – Delayed revenge

You’ve been running enough hostage situations like that before – aim good and take your target out.

Mission 20 – Death And Taxes

The meeting will behind the box so you can’t see it – but your target will walk out the same way the guy with the briefcase walk towards the meeting so just be patient and wait until he comes out.

sniper 3d assassin - 3-20 - death and taxes

Mission 21 – Sudden Stop

The target (car) will first drive away from you so you can’t get a clear shot from your position – wait until the car turns around to take out your target.

Mission 22 – Art Robbery

I don’t know why the cops are inside the building and the others are shooting from the street, but the mission is quite easy, simply take out all targets that are shooting down on the streets. They turn their back on you and don’t move so this should be an easy thing to do 🙂

Mission 23 – Bad Broker

Your target is on the the second-highest floor on top of the building right in front of you smoking a cigarette – nothing easier than that 🙂

Mission 24 – Being Hunted

Your target is right below the antenna (takes like 5 seconds or so until he will step out so you can see him).

Mission 25 – Insurance Fraud

It’s the guy walk (not running!) around the corner, you have plenty of time to aim until he will take out his phone.

Mission 26 – Librabry Occupation

Again we need some tactic here to not make this mission fail. First, take out the target (1) on the rooftop, otherwise he will spot you and shoot at you.

sniper 3d assassin - 3-26 - library occupation

Then take out target (2) at the corner, no worries no one will ever spot you taking him out. Then wait at spot (3) until the target there shows up between the boxes. Lastly take out target (4).

Mission 27 – Moving Stash

Your two targets will meet on the right side next to the tunnel and are easy shots because of the short distance.

Mission 28 – Picketing Death

The two targets will run right in front of you upwards so don’t waste time taking them out.

Mission 29 – Grown Bully

The three targets will walk straight from the top and are easy targets if you aim fast. When you take out one of them, the others will freeze for like a second or two before they start running away.

Mission 30 – Cyber Terrorism

They are meeting right in front of the tunnel in the building ahead of you, you can also try to get both with one shot so wait until they meet and then take your clean shot.

Mission 31 – New Year’s Day

The only tricky part about this mission is aiming because they are running quite fast – the only positive thing is that they won’t change anything when you hit one of them and run quite close to each other.

Mission 32 – Bureau Showdown

This mission is actually pretty easy, simply zoom in straight and you will see the target running towards you. Take care that you do not hit an innocent accidentally but that’s all you need to mind in this mission.

Mission 33 – Busy Intersection

This mission is quite tricky because your target will perfectly hide behind an innocent person when crossing the street. When he crossed the street he will start running so be prepared to take him out from here on.

Mission 34 – A Normal Day In Russia

Take out target (1) first, he can’t be seen by the other ones but will see you when you take out one of the other targets.

After that wait until target (3) walks to the right to take out target (2) and then target (3) before eliminating target (4).

sniper 3d assassin - 3-34 - a normal day in russia

Mission 35 – Unforeseen Consequences

Another hostage situation where you only need to aim right and take out the guy with the gun.

Mission 36 – Source Code

The briefcase is here and you can zoom in here until a guy picks it up. He will walk slow so no need to hurry with aiming.

sniper 3d assassin - 3-36 - source code

Mission 37 – Biohazard

Don’t start shooting at the cab right away, you will miss when it just turned on the road as there’s wind in this mission. Anyway, it will come closer and you can get some easier shots fired up.

Mission 38 – Assault On Precinct 17

It’s a normal shootout situation but in this mission you will also have one guy on the rooftap that you should take out first.

sniper 3d assassin - 3-38 - assault on precinct 17

Mission 39 – Privacy Concerns

Don’t follow the guy with the briefcase, your target will come out later and stand right in front of the entrance where you can easily take him out.

sniper 3d assassin - 3-39 - privacy concerns

Mission 40 – Mob Boss Takedown

This mission requires some timing – first, take out the gangster (1) on the top rooftop so the others won’t notice. Then you need to wait until (2) walked over so you can take him out while the others are on the opposite side of the roof.

sniper 3d assassin - 3-40 - mob boss takedown

Next take out the gangster at the bottom (3) when he’s in the middle of the roof, so the last one can’t see what’s happening. Lastly take out number (4) and you’re done with this chapter 🙂

Chapter 4 – Martinville

Welcome to the final chapter 🙂

Mission 1 – A Short Story

This is another classical hostage situation but you have very strong wind here and need to hit perfectly – either way, if you fail try again you will get the lucky punch sooner or later. There’s not much else you can da.

Mission 2 – Dirty Cop

The cop will walk slowly with the briefcase over the area from bottom to top and is an easy target to take out.

Mission 3 – Deadly Race

First time you are shooting at two cars in one mission. They will drive towards you, so aiming will get easier the closer they get. If you have problems knowing when you took out the first one… the car will flip over as soon as you hit so keep shooting until that happens before you go for the second driver.

Mission 4 – Cop Trap

A classical shootou situation that you can easily clear – but don’t forget the guy on the top of the roof to finish this mission 🙂

sniper 3d assassin - 4-3 - cop trap

Mission 5 – Fake Fortune

The guy is already standing on the top of the white-red skyscraper on the right, easy target if you can adjust wind and distance correctly.





… more coming soon…

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