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How To Get Free Credits & Token (Blue Credits) In Critical Ops

One need credits in Critical ops, right? Well, the thing is it’s not that easy to get them if you want to get them for free instead of paying money for it…

I have written here some thigns that will help you to actually get them – or at least that should help you to get them faster 🙂

How To Get Free Credits

Aside from the shop where you need to pay cold hard cash to get credits in Critical Ops, the main source of income for credits will be the daily missions.

Every day you will see them pop up and for completing all three of them you can get a total of up to 90 free Credits

critical ops credits from daily missions

Daily mission can reward 20, 25 or 30 Credits and you can swap one every day – always swap the one that only rewards 20 Credits and hope to get one for 25 or even 30 Credits.

That doesn’t sound that much now but imagine you get 5 or even 10 more Credits every day – that’s up to 300 Credits per month that is more than one case you can open for free.

I can’t recommend you strong enough to do that, even when the daily mission for more credits might be a little harder to do, it’s worth it in the long run

Milestones are also a good way but you need to see that more of a long-term thing.

free credits from milestones

So here’s what you need to do…

Doing 330 kills with the pistol P250 sounds a lot and 30 Credits isn’t that crazy much as a reward when you look at it int he short-term perspective – of yourse you won’t grind that many kills just for that purpose in one day.

But always check them and if you see them you can start using the P250 (just an example) more often to get additional kills with it while normally playing.

If you start doing that you will see that these additional 30 Credits drip in frequently while you play Critical Ops and increase your daily/weekly/monthly credit earnings a lot.

How To Get Blue Credits (Token)

What’s often called blue credits is actually called tokens and you might see it when you browse your skin menu and see a cool skin that you would love to have but haven’t got from a case.

So, if you open a case you will randomly get a skin from it – the chances for higher tier skins are of course lower (read here my opinion why Standard Cases are way better than Premium Cases).

You randomly get the skin if you haven’t gotten it already or otherwise you get tokens if it’s a duplicate.

The cool thing is – and that’s something I really like to thank the developers for – that you will get the same amount of token that a same tier skin will cost to unlock.

use blue credits in critical ops

So let’s say you get a Tier 2 skin that you already have, then you will get 200 Token instead. Now you can go to the skin menu and get any Tier 2 skin you would like to have for 200 Token 🙂

Token are basically wildcards on skins and only useful for that – the only way to get them is by unlocking as many skins you can have to have higher chances to get Token that you can then use to buy the skin you want to have instead of randomly getting any skin from cases.

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