sniper 3d how to aim right

How To Aim For Perfect Shot (Every Time) In Sniper 3D

Do you have problems aiming your shots right in Sniper 3D?

In the first missions it’s quite easy but will pick up and get more difficult the further you progress – and that’s why I thought I wanted to make a short guide about aiming here.

How To Aim Right

If you shoot a bullet it will not just travel straight all the time, it will go lower due to gravity and also turn left and right if there’s wind.

In Sniper 3D this is nothing else and these two things will also mess with your bullets travel path – and you need to adjust that when aiming.

So let’s have a quick look here:

sniper 3d aiming

In this case we want to hit a target over a distance of 1,400 feet and we have to struggle with a wind of 80 from the right side (indicated by the minus symbol).

In case of the wind you don’t need to mind much about left and right, it just indicates the bars you have – if you have a wind of -80 you need to use the -80 indicator.

So back to our case, how do we adjust our aiming now right?

Here’s the solution that will result in a perfect shot:

sniper 3d aiming adjust wind and distance

First, adjust the wind – in our case it’s -80 so we will point the -80 indicator right over our target. Now we only need to adjust the distance, in our case it’s 1,400 feet.

You also have an indication there as well in the vertical exis that has the values. Now you only need to move your aiming to the top until your distance is showing you the right point.

In the picture above you see how the perfect shot for that wind and distance would look like 🙂

Pretty easy actually if you picked it up once.

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