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Guns of Boom Hacks & Life Hacks Review

Guns of Boom is the revolutionary first-person shooter for mobile coming with a complete new approach how shooter will work on mobile devices. The system paid off and today millions of players compete against each other every day – and everyone wants to be the best. That’s why many people out there, like you, search online for hacks for Guns of Boom.

If you look around, you find so many tips, cheats and hacks that I stopped counting – however, I have tested the most shown ones myself and will tell you which ones work and which ones you should better not use.

You will find two sections here on this page, one for the life hacks (the ones that use the game mechanics and are absolutely okay to use) and the ones that require third-party tools that are not really favoring fair play, if you understand what I mean 😉

Life Hacks in Guns of Boom – Make Sure To Use Them

So let’s start off with some nice life hacks that will improve your game in Guns of Boom…

Life Hack #1 – Go For The Head & Movement

This is probably the most helpful one out there and it’s about aiming and your own movement – always have your aiming at the height of the head, this will help you to deal a lot more damage and land the headshot more often.

Also, most of the times your enemy is moving so don’t try to aim while standing, rather move around and try to hit him.

This will help you to take less damage so a real lifesaver in Guns of Boom 😉

Life Hack #2 – Refresh Quests For Gold

You will need a lot of Gold later in Guns of Boom to get a decent weapon and the only way how you can actually get it is from quests – the real problem is that there are also quests that will give you Gunbucks but when you just do them as well you will level up too fast and get matched against tougher opponents before you can actually buy a good gun.

free gold from quests in guns of boom

The life hack here is to always use the video watches to refresh the gun bucks quests and go for the quests that reward Gold instead.

Life Hack #3 – The Sound Of Silence

90% of all players play Guns of Boom muted. While this is reasonable for public places (or the toilet ????), it will also prevent that you hear what’s going on around you.

With sound, you will always hear if there’s some action going on around the next corner and also what weapons your opponents have – so if you can’t turn the sound on loud, use some headphones to catch that signals, they will help a ton winning in Guns of Boom!

Life Hack #4 – Four Finger Claw

If you play Guns of Boom on a tablet, there’s only one way to play it, it’s called the “4-finger-claw” that will allow you to touch all the buttons as fast as possible.

4 finger claw guns of boom

I know, it looks like it hurts but you will get used to it very fast and also see how your gameplay will improve a lot with that! Also start moving up the sensitivity in the settings, so you can move faster and turn around a lot quicker ????

Life Hack #5 – Mobile Gamepad

While the 4 finger claw is only useful when you play on a tablet, here’s one for you if you play on a phone… a mobile gamepad. This is a small and useful gadget that will give you a better grip and also let you play longer sessions without hurting your hands.

It’s pretty cheap to get on Amazon and you can also flat it together making it so small that you can easily fit it in your pocket.

Perfectly for a quick session of Guns of Boom everywhere and also quite cheap and will boost your progress more than buying Gold for the same money 🙂

Cheats & Hacks in Guns of Boom – Caution

Now let’s have a look at the ones that require 3rd party tools, only use at your own risk.

Hack #1 – Gold Generators

There are a lot of sites that ask you for your player tag and how much Gold and Gunbucks you want. Once entered, the tools start to connect to your account to add the generated resources.

guns of boom unlimited gold generator

In a last step, you will need to show that you’re not a bot and download a free app or finish a survey. To be honest, I wasn’t able to get it working but maybe it was my own fault.

Hack #2 – Wall Hack

The wall hack will let you spot enemies that are behind walls and that you normally wouldn’t spot ( see in the screenshot the enemy at the left side).

guns of boom wall hack

I wouldn’t overdo this because your enemies will start wondering why you just smash them that accurately and might report you but in the end, it will give you a huge advantage in every match.

Hack #3 – AimBot

Guns of Boom already allows you to automatically fire when you aim right at the target, in my opinion, the only way how you can play a first person shooter on mobile.

The only problem? You still need to aim right and this can be tricky sometimes – this is where the aimbot hack comes in.

guns of boom aimbot

It will automatically aim for you perfectly so you will only walk around.

We don’t need to discuss here if that’s useful or not. It’s a huge help, of course. The thing is that you will only walk around and this will not make that much fun in the long run ????

Hack #4 – Speed-up Hack, Unlimited Ammo & More Damage Hack

I also found a hack that promised faster walking speed, unlimited ammo (no more reloading or being out of ammo) and more damage dealt from your weapon.

Sounded too good to be true and ultimately that’s what it was – I wasn’t able to get it to work and I think a hack doesn’t work when they need to modify the game mechanics that drastically. I mean spotting a player where a player is through a wall is one thing, but making your weapon deal more damage is another one. I think these ones simply can’t work…

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