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Guns of Boom Gold Farming Guide & How To Spend It Smart

All the good weapons in Guns of Boom are only achievable through Gold and not with Gunbucks – this will challenge every player sooner or later because without these weapons you’ll be quite lost at some point when your opponents all have better gear than you have.

The good news, there’s a strategy that evolved lately that will make sure you have enough Gold for the great weapons when you unlock them.

In the first part of this guide, you will find the strategy of how you should farm Gold and in the second part my personal strategy how you should save it and what you should spend it on.

How to farm Gold in Guns of Boom

The only real way to get Gold in Guns of Boom is by completing the daily quests that will reward you with Gold.

If that would be the whole strategy this guide here would be useless ???? so there’s more to it…

The problem is when you simply do all the quests you will level up too fast so you want to not gain new levels too fast and use the time to get as much Gold stockpiled up.

The strategy is what I call “intelligent rerolling quests” and it means you will try to get the nice quests that will reward you with Gold instead of “wasting” your progress for Gunbucks only.

gold for quests overview

This is what you’re really looking for and you should always try to reroll the quests with Gunbucks and hope you will get a quest that rewards Gold.

Don’t get distracted with the 30 Gold Bonus you get for completing 10 quests and try to get it with the Gunbucks quests… again, you will gain player level too fast and end up being matched with opponents that have a lot better equipment and wreck you!

Simply re-roll quests for Gunbucks by using the “X” on the top right corner, watch the video you need to watch for re-rolling it and hope you will get quests that rewards Gold instead.

reroll quests in guns of boomOne word of caution here! While the re-rolling seems to be just random it seems that the chances to get a Gold quest is lower when you already have one or two Gold quests. Especially when you’re not in the US, the videos are more limited and you might rather do one Gold quest after the other instead of trying to get multiple Gold quests at the same time.

Now let’s have a look at my strategy what you should spend your Gold in in Guns of Boom ????

Gold Spending Done Right

This strategy is primarily for F2P and doesn’t require you to buy anything with real money in Guns of Boom. I’m saying this here because some options I’ll recommend are not the best in terms of stats but the best you can get in terms of spending your Gold with common sense.

Before Level 15-16, you should try to get the Death Dealer as fast as possible as this is THE shotgun you will need for the early stages in Guns of Boom. Don’t look left and right, this one is good for you and doesn’t require you to waste money in anything else.

Now you want to farm the quests as I’ve shown above to get the 156 Gold to get the Panther Pants. Many players use them still in the end-game and the smartest choice for you.

Now you can spend your Gunbucks on leveling your armor up and get Dark Stalker helmet and you’re good to go 🙂

At Level 16-34 it’s a good time to get the Traitor gun with Gunbucks (or the Onslaught, up to your play style) and level it up.

When you follow my strategy above, you will have the 3,100 Gold to get the Juggernaut or the Porcupine when you hit Level 34 (or shortly after that).

Now you have an awesome weapon for your end-game fun and you haven’t spend any real money on it 🙂


If you’re already at a higher level you can still apply the tips above, but it will take longer until you get the gear I recommend you. I know many recommend to start over from the scratch when you didn’t followed this strategy from Level 1, but unless you’re Level 30 and don’t have anything left in your account and get wrecked all the time there’s no need to restart your Guns of Boom career 🙂

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