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Guide To Free Gems In Pixel Gun 3D

Diamonds are not only a woman’s best friend – in Pixel Gun 3D those diamonds are called Gems and are every players best friend because you need to them to get powerful weapons (like the ones I have here in my top list).

There’s a lot of fraud guides out there or promoting sketchy ways and glitches that either won’t work or might get you banned – that’s why I decided to give you a full overview how you can get free Gems without paying any money every day by playing the game.

Let’s harvest those Gems ????

Hot To Get Most Free Gems In Pixel Gun 3D

Here are the best things to do to get free Gems in Pixel Gun 3D.

Daily Tasks (12 Gems Per Day)

pixel gun 3d gems from daily tasksRecently, Pixel Gun 3D introduced the tasks to the game which will give you simple tasks that you can complete by plaiyng a few matches.

Be sure to check them out and see what you have to do and there’s nothing really exotic there, most tasks are even completed automatically after a few matches without even minding them.

12 Gems won’t sound much but that’s actually 360 Gems in one month and that’s enough to get a shiny and powerful weapon for 🙂


Driller Device

I can’t recommend you hard enough to get the 270 Coins for the driller (or sometimes it’s on sale for 125 Coins) and build it. You’ll be able to collect one Gem every day just like that with it and even can miss out three days of collecting it and get 3 Gems from it.

Yes, you need to invest some Coins but it will be the best invest you can make in the long run to get free Gems in Pixel Gun 3D.

During Battles

During battles, no matter what mode, you will see occasionally see a Gem spwaning that you can just collect – but you need to be faster than your opponents.

gems from battles

Every time you see it, you shouldn’t mind dying, one Gem is always worth getting killed 🙂

You should also invest into getting the Frozen Lava tile (85 Gems) sooner than later, this will increase the chance to get a Gem from a killed enemy a lot and will give you more Gems in the long run as it costs!


I know that not many players like to do the campaign and rather jump into quick multiplayer matches – but the campaign offer a load of secret hidden Gems to collect.

gems from campaign

There’s a really big load of campaigns and each one of them offers 20 hidden Gems to be collected – just think about how much that is, it’s well over 1,000 Gems you only need to pick up 🙂

Winner Chest

If you stash up your coins you can also get a Winner Chest and chances are actually pretty good that you find up to 650 Gems in there, the chances are actually very solid but please mind if you really want to use your hard-earned coins on that unless there’s no cool weapon or anything else you want to buy with it.

free gems from winner chest


You’ve also probably noticed that you will get up to 3 Gems for watching an ad video?

Well, I don’t think I need to get any deeper into this because it’s simply too obvious. Watch the videos as much as you can, you’ve seen above how hard it can be to get a nice stash of gems in Pixel Gun 3D without spending money and those are gems that come in very handy often times 🙂

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