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Critical Ops Free Skins – The Truth How To Get Them

Skins are the only way to customize your gear in Critical Ops and everyone wants to unlock them as they will show off your skill in Critical Ops. I play the game for quite some time now and I have been reading quite difficult “tricks” or “hacks” how to get them and I decided to write this guide here to clear some common misunderstandings regarding skins in Critical Ops.

skins in critical ops

How to unlock skins in Critical Ops?

So first you have to unlock a specific weapon and then you can unlock the skins for that weapon in Critical Ops. Sometimes there are special events in Critical Ops that will reward you a special skin but in general, this is the only way.

To unlock a new skin you will need to use the so called Blue Credits in the shop. Blue Credits are rewarded exclusively through duplicates you get from crates or you can unlock them through the crate directly.

skins from crates

So, in this case I got the “Sky” skin for the M14 in a crate but I already own it so I get 50 Blue Credits that I can save up and later use to directly unlock a new skin in Critical Ops.

All the crazy things I see in all those Youtube videos are simply clickbait and fake. People playing a certain map to unlock a certain skin or whatever they recommend is all not working!

The best and most effective way for you is to save up credits and get as many crates as you can and save up the Blue Credits to unlock the skins directly or you have luck and unlock a skin in a crate, that’s it.

Get More Credits & Extra Tip

The only way unlocking skins is getting credits as fast as possible to convert them via the duplicates in the crates into Blue Credits or directly unlock the skins in Critical Ops.

There are plenty of ways that will help you getting more credits that I have here in my guide about winning more in Critical Ops.

PS: I’d recommend you to go for the Premium Crates for 700 Credits rather than the Standard Crates for 200 Credits in Critical Ops, simply because the drop chances are a lot higher and it is worth waiting a little longer opening up a crate.

Good luck 🙂

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