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Critical Ops Cases – Is Premium or Standard Case Better?

Opening cases are pretty much the only thing you can do to get new skins for your gear in Critical Ops.

So what I wanted to do is to compare the two different cases – Standard Case and Premium Case – with each other to give you guys an overview which one is the best to open.

Standard Case VS Premium Case

To compare both cases we need to evaluate the drop chances of what they offer and then put it in relation to the price. Finally I will add some of my thoughts on that and I think the result is interesting because Premium Cases aren’t the best option 🙂

Drop Ods Of Cases

The Standard Case costs 200 Credits, the Premium Case 700 Credits so in my logic the Premium Case should offer something at least 4 times as valuable as the Standard Case to make it worth it, right?

Let’s have a look at the drop chances of skins in both of these cases:

Standard Case:

  • Tier 1 Skin: 45%
  • Tier 2 Skin: 30%
  • Tier 3 Skin: 16%
  • Tier 4 Skin: 6%
  • Tier 5 Skin: 2%
  • Tier 6 Skin: 0.75%
  • Tier 7 Skin: 0.25%

Premium Case:

  • Tier 3 Skin: 50%
  • Tier 4 Skin: 30%
  • Tier 5 Skin: 15%
  • Tier 6 Skin: 3.75%
  • Tier 7 Skin: 1.25%

So, a Standard Case will give you a T1 or T2 skin in 75% of all times and the drop rates for the higher skins are indeed a lot higher to make it equivalent of the costs – still I wouldn’t recommend Premium Cases actually for a reason

Which Case Is Best In Critical Ops?

Yes you have a higher percentage to get a higher tier skin from the Premium Case but for T6 and T7 this won’t affect you as much as you would need to open too many cases to get a real difference and the chances are still pretty low.

You will get a T3 or a T4 skin most of the time.

Now instead of opening one single Premium Case, you can open up almost 4 Standard Cases (let’s say it’s 4 to make the calculation easier) – that will very likely give you T1 or T2 skins that you will soon have as duplicates that you can get the blue credits (Token) for.

For a duplicate skin you get the same amount of Token that it costs to get a skin of the same tier directly – if you get a T1 duplicate you get 100 Toekn for it and can get any T1 skin for 100 Token.

A T3 skin costs you 400 token and that’s exactly what you get for the 4 Premium Cases as well in form of Token – but you can actually choose which T3 skin you like instead of getting a random one!

Also you can save those Token up and get a higher tier skin for it later.

Instead of getting any random skins you will just take the Token and directly get the skins you like and this makes the Standard Case the better choice for me – not because of the price it’s because you’re a lot more flexible in getting your skins with it instead of relying on luck.

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