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Better Aiming Guide & Settings for Guns of Boom

Guns of Boom used to be the first mobile FPS game that did introduce the auto-shot mode. You basically need to walk around and aim but you don’t need to pull the trigger anymore, that’s what the game does for you. This was essential to create a shooter game that people can enjoy on mobile instead of feeling like a slow snail compared to what many are used from playing shooter games from PC.

Ok, enough chit-chat for now, in this guide I have some great tricks for you that will help you aiming and actually hitting your enemies in Guns of Boom… yeeeeeeees even with auto trigger you will need to aim at them ????

Better Aiming? Better Aiming!

Here are some techniques most pro players use and that you can easily adapt to your gameplay – trust me they will make you crush enemies a lot easier.

The Aiming Technique To Use

So most players out there do in Guns of Boom exactly what they would do in the real world – walking and moving the head at the same time.

While this seems pretty standard in normal life, in Guns of Boom it is not. When walking and aiming at the same time, you will have so much movement around that it will get impossible to actually target a moving enemy.

So here’s what you should do instead. ????

You will only move your camera sight to have it at the height of an enemy’s chest and when you target him, you will move left and right or forth and back with your feet. This will make it a lot easier to hit the enemy because these are the only movements he can make.

Also there’s another benefit from doing that – imagine:

  1. You’re moving around
  2. You’re standing at the same spot and aim for the enemy

What do you think is easier to hit? Exactly… while moving around you also stay in action and make it harder for your enemy to hit you so this technique is a win-win in terms of hitting easiert and avoiding hits more likely at the same time 🙂

Double-Tap Action – Reload or Switch Weapon?

You can set up what will happen when you double-tap the screen in Guns of Boom during a match – either it will reload your weapon or it will switch your weapon.

Now here are two things to consider that are not that obvious:

  1. When you have “reload” selected and you have an enemy in sight, the game will not reload when your magazine is not empty and switch to pistol automatically
  2. When you have “previous weapon” selected it will not select a weapon that has no ammo any more

This leads to only one useful setting here and that is “previous weapon”, since you an still repload with the icon on top of your ammo bar.

guns of boom best settings

Sensitivity Setting

Now that we’re in the sensitivity settings we can also discuss them.

I recommend you to go for the 90% sensitivity (unless you primarily play sniper style). It may feel a little too fast in the beginning but you will get used to it. As soon as you get used to it you will be able to spin a lot faster with a small gesture and get a time advantage over your enemies.

You should also use autofire and aim assist, they are also extremely helpful in a lot of situations ????

Mobile Gamepad

Last but not least on this list is something that requires some additional hardware (not expensive though and can be used for many other games as well) ????

Using a mobile gamepad is something that a lot of players do, you’re just not aware of it. A mobile gamepad simulates the gamepad actions to finger input so Guns of Boom does not see any difference in it and it’s absolutely legal to use it.

guns of boom on gamepad

Your advantage is that you can aim a lot more precise than with your fingers on a small screen and you have a lot more action buttons that you can add at your choice, like changing weapons, reloading etc.

All you need to do is setting up the game with their app and you’ll be able to set your action keys and jump into your next fight 🙂


If you adapt to all the tips above (even without the mobile gamepad), you’ll see a drastic improve of your results ????

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