best hidden spots in guns of boom

Best Hidden Spots in Guns of Boom

Knowing your maps well is a very important part in Guns of Boom, but each one of them will offer different locations that you need to know.

Primarily if like to snipe, these locations are essential for your success… without a good spot you’re just like an animal in the open field waiting to get shot.

But also if you’re not the sniper kind of guy, you want to know these spots because often times you can find the sniper there ????

Best Hidden Spots In Guns of Boom

Here’s my (ongoing) list of the best spots and where they are on the different maps in Guns of Boom 🙂

Old Factory

The first spot I have here is a great sniping spot where you can stay on the ramp and target enemies on the opposite roof easily – when they spot you, you only need to walk a few steps back and you’re in a secure spot again.

old factory sniping spot

The other one is the small hole between the wooden container and the blue container that lets you snipe the other side of the floor without the enemy even having the chance to spot you. In case it gets too busy out there, step a few steps back and you’re in a spot that is only open at one end and you can easily defend yourself there.

old factory sniping spot 2

Wild West Saloon

There used to be a trick to get behind the bar but that got patched out in a recent Guns of Boom update, so everyone can walk behind the bar inside the Saloon. Still, there’s a nice spot there where you can snipe the are in front of the saloon through the hole in the barrels.

wild west saloon sniping spot

Mexico Church

Here you have on each side a great spot behind the wooden crates that let you snipe perfectly across the map with almost no chance to take you out easily as long as you keep an eye on the opposite side buildings’ roof. Your back is towards the spawn point of your team so don’t be afraid there’s nobody coming at your back that easily ????

guns of boom mexico church hidden sniping spot

Farming Complex

Right in between Control Point A and Control Point B there’s a barn with a red “X” at the door. You can easily climb there and if you’re in front of it you can walk left and right to defend Point A and Point B without having to worry that somebody might attack you from behind… there’s the barn in your back so no attacker can easily sneak to your position ????

farming complex hidden spot

Paradise Island

There’s a huge table in one of the buildings next to Control Point A where you have a nice view over the whole area and you can hide behind the table, making it really hard to spot you and even harder to take you down.

hidden sniper spot in paradise island

Subway Station

On each side there’s a bridge where you have a great view over pretty much half the map and a dead end area at the end where you can hide when you get spotted. This is a great spot to camp and also to defend in case someone spotted you and wants to take you out.

subway station secret spot


There’s one splendid sniping point on the Skyscrapers map in Guns of Boom. You only need to go up the stairs and to the right side of the map. There you will see some empty pipes in front of the blue glass roof. You can jump on them and then jump on the roof from there:

sniper spot on skyscrapers map

This is the perfect postion to stand up high above the others and snipe at them without getting noticed. In case you get spotted, you can just walk to the other side of the roof and hide there or get down to take mayhem to the enemy that spotted you ????

hidden spot on skyscrapers map


These are the spots you need to know about in Guns of Boom, sniper or not. In case you know additional spots simply drop a comment below and I might add them here 🙂

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