best weapons in pixel gun 3d

Best Guns In Pixel Gun 3D You Need To Have

With more than 150 different weapons available you’re normally pretty left alone witch choosing the right gun to use in Pixel Gun 3D, right?

That’s why I wanted to make this guide that will show you the best weapon choices for each weapon class that you should aim for.

Let’s settle this!

Best Weapons For Each Clash In Pixel Gun 3D

Now here are the weapons that I really recommend you to use – I will also update this list after each balancing update in Pixel Gun 3D to keep it as much up to date as possible

Best Primary Weapon

Let’s start with probably the most difficult weapon class to give a choice here, simply because you have so many different guns here that work so differently.

I tried to find a good and balanced recommendation for all of you.

Prehistoric Shotgun

If you’re into playing shotguns this should be the weapon of your choice. The reason why I picked it is because it fulfills the classic needs of a shotgun with massive damage in close range instead of trying to be a crossover. If you want to play a shotgun, you’re not into range – you want that high damage in close range combat and then you should pick this one over any other shotgun.

Future Police Rifle

If you’re into fast-firing guns with a a lot of ammo, this is the gun of your choice. The reason why I recommend this one over the other similar weapons is the high damage output paired with the high fire rate that will always put a lot of pressure on your opponents and even missing a few shots doesn’t matter. You can also perfectly chase down fleeing enemies with it.

Why don’t I recommend the Mega Gun here? Well, because it’s just insane and requires zero skill with the high fire rate and the exploding bullets and I don’t want to encourage people to use it because I expect a soon nerf of this gun.

Best Backup Weapon

Alien Blaster

There are two reasons why this gun is really strong – one is that it will 1-shot or 2-shot enemies easily, which makes it already pretty strong minding its fire rate. But the real power is the bouncing capability that will let your laser beams bounce off walls and hit other enemies ir the same target multiple times – those are additional hits you can get without planning much making this really viable in most maps.

Dual Laser Blasters

These weapons are just insane and fire soooooo much you won’t believe it – yes, the ammo runs out pretty fast but you will get a ton of kills before that will happen and once you target an enemy he has litelly no chance to get away, especially in close combat.


For me this is the best backup weapon – do you ever wanted a backup weapon with the power of a primary weapon? Then this is the gun to use in Pixel Gun 3D!

1-shot headshot kills and 4 times zoom makes it a perfect allrounder that you can use in medium range to take down an enemy fast and in long range it works almost like a sniper rifle!

Best Special Weapon

Like Launcher

No, that’s not a joke – the Like Launcher is actually extremely powerful. I know it sounds weird but it’s actually more like a heavy weapon and it has area damage that can do 2-shot kills. The real power is sticking to walls, floors or even enemies and also gives you good chances to take out multiple enemies at the same time. Thumbs up for this one, for sure 🙂

Thanksgiving Pie

Another weapon that looks like a joke but actually is really powerful. The pies have a massive blast radius and the looping shots make it less predictable for your enemies but easy to use for you. If you have used any other looping shot weapons and don’t like them, still give this one here a try. It’s a lot easier to use and much more powerful

Witch Broom

The best weapon in this category is the Witch Broom and the easiest way to describe it is… it’s the Thanksgiving Pie with a faster firing rate plus faster travel speed!

If you’re not sure which special weapon you should get in Pixel Gun 3D, you should get this one and you’ll love it 🙂

Best Heavy Weapon

The Destruction System is my recommendation here just because it has so many advantages that makes it superior to all other heavy guns in Pixel Gun 3D.

It has a above average travel speed for this class and will hit like a truck in the area of impact – this makes it really useful, especially when you also target for the floor as well in closer combat situations – this can send you in the air and your target to heaven giving you the rocket jump kill.

Best Sniper Weapon

With the recent balancing update there has been a lot of changes to the sniper guns and they all have become quite similar in stats so that you can probably have like 70% of them and all of them are working quite similar when it comes to effectivity.

Still, here are some that I want to recommend to you to use if you’re into sniper guns in Pixel Gun 3D:

Supercharged Rifle

This gone was so insanely OP when introduced into Pixel Gun 3D – I mean imagine a area damage sniper with no travel time that does one shot kills! Well this gone has been going through several balancing changes and now does 2-3 shot kills but it’s still one of the most powerful sniper guns in the game, especially because the area damage makes it quite effective to use.


This gun here has been suffering a lot and was really weak for a long time, but it’s back into the meta. The reason why I recommend it to you is that it will do 1-shot headshot kills through the wall a lot. There’s nothing very special about this sniper weapon when it comes to abilities but it’s a very solid allround sniper that simply does the job very well (in the traditional sniper stlye) and is a very good choice to get.

Sniper Cyber Module

Say “sniper cyber” three times in a row to break your tonge 😉 No but honestly it’s actually my favorite sniper choice right now simply because it’s so strong in gameplay – you will always get 1-shot headshot kills and so many 1-shot bodyshot kills that you be able to wreck through enemy lines with it and there’s no other weapon in the sniper class that can actually reach its effectiveness.

Best Melee Weapon

I really recommend you to use the Dark Force Saber, not only because it’s just too cool to be true. If you’re using a melee weapon, you are in close range and want to deal your damage as fast as possible and this one is the fastest weapon in the game that will slide enemies into pieces fast and effectively.

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