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    Guns of Boom Gold Farming Guide & How To Spend It Smart

    guns of boom gold farming guide

    All the good weapons in Guns of Boom are only achievable through Gold and not with Gunbucks – this will challenge every player sooner or later because without these weapons you’ll be quite lost at some point when your opponents all have better gear than you have. The good news, there’s a strategy that evolved […] More

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    Better Aiming Guide & Settings for Guns of Boom

    guns of boom better aiming

    Guns of Boom used to be the first mobile FPS game that did introduce the auto-shot mode. You basically need to walk around and aim but you don’t need to pull the trigger anymore, that’s what the game does for you. This was essential to create a shooter game that people can enjoy on mobile […] More

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    Best Hidden Spots in Guns of Boom

    best hidden spots in guns of boom

    Knowing your maps well is a very important part in Guns of Boom, but each one of them will offer different locations that you need to know. Primarily if like to snipe, these locations are essential for your success… without a good spot you’re just like an animal in the open field waiting to get […] More

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    Critical Ops Free Skins – The Truth How To Get Them

    critical ops skins

    Skins are the only way to customize your gear in Critical Ops and everyone wants to unlock them as they will show off your skill in Critical Ops. I play the game for quite some time now and I have been reading quite difficult “tricks” or “hacks” how to get them and I decided to […] More

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    Critical Ops Life Hacks That REALLY Work

    critical ops life hacks

    Critical Ops is the most-played first-person shooter game for mobile devices right now, so it’s not a surprise that players, like you 😉 , are searching for cheats or hacks to boost their progress in the game. I have been testing all the hacks and cheats that you can find out there for Critical Ops […] More

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    Guns of Boom Hacks & Life Hacks Review

    guns of boom life hacks

    Guns of Boom is the revolutionary first-person shooter for mobile coming with a complete new approach how shooter will work on mobile devices. The system paid off and today millions of players compete against each other every day – and everyone wants to be the best. That’s why many people out there, like you, search […] More

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    The Best Guns & Gear In Guns of Boom

    guns of boom best weapon and gear

    You are very dependant on your equipment in Guns of Boom and without the best equipment you won’t stand any chance in the long run – so I decided to write this article here to give you the best advice what guns and gear you should get (and save your Gunbucks and Gold for), no matter […] More

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    Sniper 3D Life Hacks That REALLY Work

    sniper 3d hacks cheats

    Undoubtfully, Sniper 3D is the most successful and played first-person sniper game on mobile and with the PvP mode and the Arena mode millions of people play it in real-time against each other – I think that this is no surprise that so many players want to improve in Sniper 3D to climb to the […] More